The Voice - vocals, guitar - and more. A unique and warm voice will lead you to the CrashDive dimension... 


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Chicago's New

Original Rock Band

The Beats - keeping us tight with the drum section and bringing our music to life... He's responsible for making you stand up and jump every single time he hits those drums... 


CrashDive: A maneuver performed by a submarine to submerge as quickly as possible to avoid attack.

The Bass - the mystical member who setting the mood and filling the room. The lows and the vibration you feel in your bones....that's Poppa Bass.

Chicago's newest all original rock band got has quickly become a favorite among original music fans. Each member of the group brings their own personal touch that defines the CrashDive sound. Lyrics that make you sing, a beat that makes you move, and music that makes you feel great!

About the Band 

The Axe - the hair raising solos, those haunting effects, and all the that power is all you need to bring The Rock back to the Chicago scene!