"Bond watched her as she reached the edge of the tables and came up the aisle. It was hopeless. She was coming to meet someone – her lover. She was the sort of woman who always belongs to somebody else. What damnable luck! Before Bond could pull himself together, the girl had come up to his table and sat down. ‘I’m sorry I’m late. We’ve got to get moving at once. You’re wanted at the office.’ She added under her breath: ‘Crash dive.’"

For Your Eyes Only (1960)

​Ian Flemming

CrashDive's inspiration comes from a vast Genre of music. With band mates that come from East cost cities and Midwest towns all the way to Israel their sound is as unique as their foundations. CrashDive has created their own unique sound by adding trumpet as a lead voice along side guitar riffs to create a new way to incorporate brass into rock music. The trumpet and guitar duo add a fat sound to underlying riffs that create a driving force that propels the music and lyrics forward. With one award winning album under their belts, 2019 brought the launch of the highly anticipated follow up "Top Brass"! 

Moe's Tavern - 9PM

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CrashDive: A maneuver performed by a submarine to submerge as quickly as possible to avoid attack.

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